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MELT for Sports-Football

Updated: May 2, 2023

In this activity, students are encouraged to imagine themselves playing football in a stadium. It can be employed at the beginning, in the middle as a joyful break, or at the end. This practice can be used with 5th graders and higher grades.

🪶You can bring a whistle, a ball, or any material that is related to football to create a more realistic atmosphere. Realia is always a good idea to grab students' attention.


  1. Close your eyes.

  2. Take a big breath. Breathe out.

  3. Now, you are in the stadium.

  4. Feel the grass. It is wet. See it. It is green.

  5. Listen to the people. They are clapping their hands!

  6. Look at the referee. He is blowing his whistle.

  7. Take another big breath in and breathe out slowly.

  8. Now, the match started. You are playing football.

  9. How are you now? Happy? Excited? Great?

  10. Take one more big breath in and breathe out slowly.

  11. Now, open yours.

Remember to use simple language and go slowly, giving students enough time to understand and follow each step. It is also important that your students know the words you choose to use in your instructions.


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