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Mindfulness-based Practices in ELT

Many types of mindfulness-based practices (MBPs) can be used in English language teaching. Here are a few basic examples:

  1. Mindful breathing: Instruct students to close their eyes and focus on their breath for a few minutes at the beginning or end of class. Encourage them to notice the sensations of the breath, the rise and fall of the chest, and the sound of the breath.

  2. Body scan: Lead students through a guided body scan, where they focus on different parts of their body and notice any sensations, tension, or relaxation. This can be done while lying down or seated.

  3. Mindful reading: Choose a short text, such as a poem or a passage from a book, and have students read it mindfully. Encourage them to notice the words, the imagery, and the emotions the text evokes.

  4. Mindful listening: Play a short audio clip or read a passage to the students and have them listen mindfully. Afterward, ask them to share what they heard, felt, and noticed.

  5. Mindful speaking: Assign a discussion topic and ask students to speak mindfully, taking turns listening and speaking without judgment or interruption.

  6. Mindful writing: Give students a mindful writing prompt, such as "Describe a moment when you felt completely present and focused." Encourage them to write without judgment or self-criticism, focusing on the present moment and their thoughts and feelings.

These are just a few examples of how mindfulness-based practices can be incorporated into English language teaching. EFL or ESL teachers can modify these activities based on their students' needs and interests.


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