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Tips for a More Mindful Class

Below are the tips for a more mindful class.

#1 Mindful Breathing: Awareness of how we breathe in and out and how mindful breathing can help for a calm and relaxed state of mind can enhance learning. Before exams or in stressful situations that make learning harder, mindful breathing can also be helpful.

#2 Mindful Listening: Listening to relaxation music or nature sounds and paying careful attention to the sounds in and out of the class can be beneficial for learning and concentration.

#3 Mindful Visuals and Imaginations: Visuals that contain positive images (rainbow, flower, sun, etc.) can help to motivate students and help them concentrate on the sensations these images evoke. While telling a story or creating an atmosphere for learning, teachers can use images like a forest, sea, mountains, etc.

#4 Mindful Moving: Mindful kinesthetic activity can help learners to position their bodies in the classroom. Especially for younger students, teachers can ask learners to move mindfully by feeling the parts of their bodies.


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