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Becoming an Influencer

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

This activity is designed for 10th graders.

Objective: To practice mindfulness and basic writing skills by imagining oneself as an influencer.

  1. Next, introduce the topic of social media influencers and discuss what it means to be an influencer, such as having a large following and using social media to promote products or ideas. You can also use your coursebook.

  2. Instruct the students to imagine that they are an influencer with a significant following on social media. Encourage them to take a few deep breaths and visualize themselves in this role. You can use the following sentences:

"Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now, you are an influencer. You just woke up and drank your orange juice. Feel the taste of it in your mouth. It is all fresh. Now, you check your Instagram account. You have 500 new followers. Focus on your feelings. Are you happy? Excited?..."

  1. Then, ask the students to write a short post or sentence as if they were an influencer, promoting a product or idea that they believe in. Encourage them to use simple vocabulary and focus on the main idea.

  2. As they write, ask the students to take breaks to check in with themselves and their body. Encourage them to notice any tension, stress, or other sensations, and to take a few deep breaths to release any tension.

  3. After writing the post or sentence, instruct the students to take a moment to reflect on their experience. Ask them to notice any thoughts or emotions that came up during the activity, and to reflect on how mindfulness affected their writing process.

  4. Finally, encourage the students to share their writing with each other and to provide feedback and support. You can also discuss the role of mindfulness in writing and how it can help us to be more creative, focused, and authentic.

Note: You can modify this activity by providing a template or sentence starters for the students to use, or by having them work in pairs or groups to create longer posts or articles


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